The Graduate Program in Evolution, Ecology and Behavior is an interdisciplinary program that offers M.S., and Ph.D. degrees.  

The subject matter of EEB is broad-ranging and encompasses those aspects of the life and environmental sciences that characterize how organisms interact with each other and their environment and how those interactions change over time.  They are essential to the study of applied and basic topics such as studies of human origins, biodiversity, the function and evolution of body plans and life histories, the origins of social systems, the effects of climate change and biotic invasions on ecosystems, conservation, bioremediation, and epidemiology.  The need for research and researchers in these areas will continue to grow as society comes to terms with the increasing consequences of anthropogenic alteration of the earth’s climate and its ecosystems.

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+++++ NEWS +++++  The EEB Graduate Program congratulates: Isabel Porto-Hannes for receiving the EEB Travel Grant to attend SCCS-NY at the AMNH, NYC!